Australian robots are victorious in the other soccer World Cup

This article was originally published on The Conversation. Read the original article. By David Budden, University of Melbourne Germany may have won this year’s World Cup but Australia’s robot researchers have emerged victorious from a subtly different competition. The University of New South Wales’ rUNSWift robot team claimed the champion’s title at RoboCup 2014, thumping […] Read more »

Shakespeare research featured in PLoS blog

My first published journal article, Language Individuation and Marker Words: Shakespeare and His Maxwell’s Demon, has been featured as a research highlight in the PLoS (Public Library of Science) blog. This serves as a reminder that machine learning (and computer science in general) can be applied to solve complex tasks in an incredibly wide range […] Read more »

RoboCup: Day 6

Things are starting to get real in the 2D simulation league, with Gliders2013 making it through comfortably to tomorrow’s finals rounds (as one of the top 8 from 24 teams). Despite our fortunate performance over the last few days, the remaining teams are all incredibly good, so it will take no small amount of good […] Read more »

RoboCup: Day 5

Today was a very exciting day indeed! With too much going on to waste any time, here is a brief list of the highlights of RoboCup day 5: A visit by Queen Máxima of the Netherlands, who took a tour of the entire competition and watched Eindhoven University of Technology compete in the mid-sized league. […] Read more »

RoboCup: Day 3 and 4

The RoboCup competition is now well and truly underway, with the first group of six teams eliminated from the kid-size humanoid league. Thankfully, the University of Newcastle’s NUbots made it through the first round, knocking out Israeli team RoBIU in a nail-biting 1:1 draw on a coin toss after some 90 minutes of play. The […] Read more »

RoboCup: Day 1 and 2

RoboCup is finally underway! And not a moment too soon; my already-painful 22 hour flight to Amsterdam quickly turned into a 30+ hour flight via Jakarta, Abu Dhabi and Istanbul, after an emergency landing just 7 hours into the trip… at least I got some nice photos of Istanbul from the air. Istanbul from plane […] Read more »

RoboCup 2013: new moves to keep players on the ball

This article was originally published at The Conversation. Read the original article. By David Budden, University of Melbourne In just a few weeks, soccer-playing robots from around the world will converge on Eindhoven in the Netherlands to compete for the prestigious RoboCup 2013. With around 2,500 particpants, competition is sure to be tough – just […] Read more »

Honours Thesis

I’ve had a few people ask me whether they can take a look at my final year project / honours thesis – whether it be to gather an idea about what’s expected for a well-scoring project, or just out of interest regarding machine learning and computer vision. In response, I’ve decided to upload it for […] Read more »

Best Student Paper Award

I am happy to announce that my paper, A Novel Approach to Ball Detection for Humanoid Robot Soccer, has received the award for Best Student Paper at the upcoming Australasian Joint Conference in Artificial Intelligence. In the context of this award, “student” refers to any undergraduate, Masters or PhD student; given this, and that over […] Read more »