Accelerating growth in medical research

Forever striving to tick things off my bucket list, September saw me give my first (and hopefully not my last!) TEDx talk. I am aiming to provide a very brief introduction to what 21st-century medical research “is all about”, and particularly the critical role that computer scientists, engineers and mathematicians have to play in treating and curing complex diseases.

Disclaimer: I have been involved in the development of software for enabling network-based gene/protein analysis and thus have more appreciation of the humble “hairball” than my presentation suggests


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  1. shanejh says:

    Thought provoking stuff, thank you for sharing.
    The penny dropped with that metaphor about a computer slowing down after “dodgy websites” and looking at computer hardware to solve the problem. – as someone contemplating studies in e health and bioinformatics I found this really interesting!
    thanks again!


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